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Vento Spumante
Vento Spumante

Vento Spumante

Grapes: 100% Bombino

Grapes Origin: San Paolo di Civitate on hills of 200 m

Vineyard: Vineyard with espalier trees and northeastern orientation

Yield: up to 130 quintals per hectare (13 tons)

Harvest period: First half of September

Vinification: Soft pressing with pneumatic presses, settling of the must, fermentation with controlled temperature (15-17 ° C) and selected yeasts. Aging on the stainles steel tanks for three months.

Secondary fermentation: Charmat in stainless steel pressure tanks, with frequent agitation in order to facilitate the transfer of the yeasts’ noble substances.

Second fermentation temperature 15 ° C.

Duration of second fermentation: about 50 days,Alcohol 11.5% vol.
Sugars 12 g / l
Total acidity 7.3 g / l
pH 3.15

Tasting notes
Pale yellow with greenish reflections, reveals a delicate hint of crisp citrus notes and exotic fruit aromas. Fine and persistent bubbles with a fresh and balanced palate.

Serving suggestions: Ideal as an aperitif and to acompany sea food.

Serving temperature at 6-7 ° C in flute glass

Bombino Bianco: Already grown for many years in Apulia, this vine seems to be native of Spain, although there are no sources definitely attesting this origin.

As to its name, the literature describes the shape of the bunch, which, according to a quite fantastic vision, resembles that of a child with stretched arms. This is the reason for the name Bammino, a dialect term of the Italian Bambino, later turned into Bombino.

Given the Spanish origin, the name is more probably derived from Bonvino, as the letter “v” is pronounced in Spanish like the letter “b” in Italian. Therefore, the Spanish word “Bonvino” is pronounced like the Italian “Bombino”. Thus, the name Bombino means “good wine”.