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Vento Rosato
Vento Rosato

Vento Rosato

GRAPE:                70% Nero di Troia – 30% Negroamaro

ORIGIN:  Puglia I.G.T.

ALTITUDE: 150-200 meters above sea level


CONDUCTION: Espalier trees

YIELD PER HECTARE:  100 quintals (10 tons)


VINIFICATION: 8 hours maceration of the wine on its skins, soft pressing, fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control of 14° C.

MATURING AND AGING: Stainless steel tanks and in bottles

TASTING NOTES: Bright pink color, the nose shows a bouquet of red fruits, ripe pomegranate and spiced notes of pink pepper and nutmeg. With a smooth and well balanced, long aromatic persistence. Perfect wine for appetizers and Meditarrean food dishes.

SERVED: At 8/9°C

Negroamaro: Of unknown origin, this vine has been widespread in the Ionian area for many years. According to this, the name is derived from the dialect term Niuru amaru that defines the bitter taste of the wine. However, the name seems more likely to derive from two words indicating the color black, the Latin word “nigra” and the Greek “mavro”, used in a combination to underline both the dark black color of the grape skin and of the wine obtained. The synonym Nigramaro supports this hypothesis. In this case, we might state with sufficient certainty that its cultivation can go back to the time of the Greek colonization, in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

Nero di Troia: This vine, among the oldest and most typical of central and northern Apulia, possibly originated in Asia Minor (Troy) and was perhaps introduced into Apulia during the Greek colonization. Otherwise, its name might be derived from the Apulian town of Troia in the province of Foggia or from the Albanian town of Cruja, and then translated as Troia into the local dialect.

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