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Variety of the grape:  Cooked must of grape made from red grapes. Naturally produced, without preservatives and colorings.

 Zone of production: Puglia – Alto Tavoliere.

Altitude: 150/200 meters above sea level.

 Aspect: Brown characteristic.

 Consistence: Moderately fluid.

 Color: Dark violate with golden hues.

 Flavor: Typical strongly aromatic, sweet of cooked fruit.

 Taste: Typical aromatic, sweet with notes of caramel.

 Combining: Seasoning of the original taste, it is proper for the preparation of the pugliesi typical sweets “carteddate”, and for the seasoning of main dishes such as, cavatelli and noodles. It is also appropriate for baked red meats, vegetables and salads.

Ideal if used to season fresh and mature cheeses, on ricotta, cooked wheat, boiled cereals, ice creams, dessert, yoghurt and fresh fruit.