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Grape: 100% Falanghina

Origin: IGP Puglia White

Altitude: 150- 200 meters above sea level

Conduction: espalier trees

Yield per Hectare: 100 quintals (10 tons)

Harvest System: Manual

Vinification: soft pressing, fermentation instainless steel tanks with temperature control of 14 degrees C

Maturing and aging: stainless steel tanks and in bottles.

Tasting notes: Of a straw yellow colour, it opens up olfactory with fruity and vanilla perfumes, it has a soft and pleasantly warm flavour and a good level of persistence. It is a perfect with crustaceans, starters and tasty fish dishes.

Falanghina: This ancient vine formed perhaps the basis of the Falerno wine, cultivated aroundNaples for a long time; its presence is mentioned in 1825 among the most popular vines of the Area.

Apparently, the name of this variety is derived from its requirement, since it has a strong growth, to rest on supporting posts, called falanga, therefore falanghina means “vine supported by posts”.

AWC Vienna – Gold Medal                                                                                        


AWC Vienna – Silver Medal


AWC Vienna – Silver Medal

Bacco di Prammagigore - Diploma Medaglia d`oro
AWC Vienna – Silver Medal

AWC Vienna –  Silver Medal

AWC  Vienna – Seal of Approval

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