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Bombino – Fiano
Bombino – Fiano

Bombino – Fiano

Grape: 70% Bombino 30% Fiano

Origin: IGP Puglia White

Altitude: 150- 200 meters above sea level

Conduction: espalier trees

Yield per Hectare: 100 quintals (10 tons)

Harvest System: Manual

Vinification: soft pressing, stainless steel tanks with temperature control of 14 degrees C.

Maturing and aging: stainless steel tanks and in bottles.

Tasting notes: a native wine from the high tavoliere delle Puglia, it offers pleasant sensations of yellow and ripe fruit, blanced with a good level freshness and flavour. It is perfect with fish-based dishes rice and fried fish.

Served: at 8/10 degrees C.

Bombino Bianco: Already grown for many years in Apulia, this vine seems to be native of Spain, although there are no sources definitely attesting this origin.

As to its name, the literature describes the shape of the bunch, which, according to a quite fantastic vision, resembles that of a child with stretched arms. This is the reason for the name Bammino, a dialect term of the Italian Bambino, later turned into Bombino.

Given the Spanish origin, the name is more probably derived from Bonvino, as the letter “v” is pronounced in Spanish like the letter “b” in Italian. Therefore, the Spanish word “Bonvino” is pronounced like the Italian “Bombino”. Thus, the name Bombino means “good wine”.

Fiano:The cultivation of this very old southern Italian vine goes back to Roman times. Apparently, it was originally grown in the district of Apio, east of Avellino. The word Fiano, was erroneously deemed to derive from the adjective Apianus (“of the bees”), where seems to be derived from the noun “Apianno”, an apple variety, and from Apia, today called Lapia, a place in the district of Avellino. It became very widespread in Apulia ate the time of the Angevins (between the 13th and the 15th centuries).

Radici del Sud – categoria “Bombino” first place jury Wine Writers and first place jury  Wine Buyers

Vinitaly – Diploma di Gran Menzione

Alta Bombino
AWC Vienna – Silver Medal

Alta Bombino
Decanter – Commended
Mundus vini – Silver medal
AWC Vienna – Seal of Approval

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